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What is Wheat Stalk Painting ?

We take the straw as material of straw patchwork, through the traditional technic such as cutting, shaving, grinding, searing etc. We also take modern technic into manufacture process such as evaporation, torrefaction, dissection and ironing. After aken these processes, we get the straw patchwork which filled with thick Chinese countryside tinge. The products involved in Chinese flower, bird, fish, worm, landscape,
buildings, people and fashion. The straw patchwork is being appreciated by more and more people not only in China but in west countries. It is suitable for decoration in family, hotel etc. It is also as a valuable gift be sent to friends. Our straw patchworks often gain prize in many artworks exhibitions.

Wheat Stalk Painting also called straw empaistic pictures, it had been developed and regenerated for several years, the making technics and craftworks has reached such a high level that seldom printings can compare with it. At present, the content of straw patchwork have landscape, flower, character and animal etc, we can manufacture more than 500 kinds of straw patches with different dimension and topic, we also can make as your request if you'd like.

The Wheat Stalk Painting is suitable for decoration in hotel, restaurant, office, meeting room etc, you also can take it as a decoration in your house, it can show an elegant style. The straw patchwork come from folk art, it manufactured through more than 10 working procedures, we not only keep the natural luster and
grain of straw, but also absorb so much technics from traditional Chinese painting, print, paper-cut and porkerwork. Actually, it is an old craft during Sui and Tang and lost for many years, the Chinese artist discovered the national stunt until 80¡¯s 20 century, they also add the modern technology to the old art and make the age-old folk art playback extraordinary splendour.

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